Our Mission

Our main objective at GOATA Movement

Remain pain-free and endurance durable

Organizations, Athletic Directors, Program Managers, Corporations, and Individuals should HIRE A GOATA COACH TODAY!   If you have any questions or would like to become a Certified GOATA Coach please email cody@glsgoata.com 

GOATA Coaches are the pinnacle of the industry.  They are unmatched in their knowledge and skill set.  GOATA coaches come from many backgrounds and expertises, but we arrived at the same conclusion.  GOATA is the way forward.  Experienced Coaches, Therapists, Trainers, and Veteran Athletes value and trust this approach.

As of June 2021, There are over 200 Student, Practicing, or Certified GOATA coaches across the globe.  Each coach has direct access to every other GOATA coach as a resource to ensure we produce the absolute best quality service to our clients. 

Every Occupation and Athlete will benefit from the services of a GOATA Coach:   This includes Runners, Gymnasts, Throwers, Fighters, Pitchers, Quarterbacks, Recreational Athletes, as well as General Population and Skilled Laborers.  If you are ready for a 6-26% increase in performance or just want to get out of pain, then HIRE A GOATA COACH TODAY!

Anyone listed on this website has completed and retained their certification.  This ensures they are competent and confident in the global laws of GOATA.  These laws are designed to create a repeatable and quality outcome for all of those who are served.   A Certified GOATA Coach has completed necessary training and tasks to ensure they can be trusted to assess you and train you.  

GOATA coaches have a thorough understanding of an optimal movement pattern that ensures you move through space without pain.  This pattern is apparent to be present across the lifespan.  Everything a GOATA Coach does can be verifiable by slow motion evidence.  They will use definitive language and they don’t sugarcoat it.  This means that if you are at risk for an injury, a GOATA coach will tell you, help you identify it, and make a plan to get you away from the pattern of injury and closer to the pattern of PAIN FREE PERFORMANCE.  

The Goal of GOATA is to Save the World’s Connective Tissue. 

This Includes Yours!!







In Person or Remote GOATA Analysis and recoding available worldwide!

“I used to think my hurting knees were normal. Now I can run a 4.3 40 with no knee pain. Much better than a 4.5 with pain.” Joseph Estie (GOATA Joe) Tennessee Titan Cornerback
Coaches Worldwide!

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With facilities in New Orleans and coaches around North America, we will be able to find a coach near you.  

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