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GOATA MOVEMENT is changing lives and helping people live pain-free lives.  Athletes are increasing their performance by 6-26 percent.  People are delaying or cancelling surgeries because they have learned how to protect their joints and connective tissue!  Send an email to so we can find a Certified COACH that is a good fit for you!  

Pain-free Performance
endurance durable
Move like Nature Intended


“I used to think my hurting knees were normal. Now I can run a 4.3 40 with no knee pain. Much better than a 4.5 with pain.”
Joseph Estie (GOATA Joe) Tennessee Titan Cornerback
“Learning the secrets to the movement was an eye-opening experience. I always knew something was not right and just couln’t put my finger on it without Coach Gil’s help. The slow-motion video was the key for me to start my journey.”
Darryl Williams (Kansas City Chiefs & Former LSU Running Back)
“Coming here to GOATA was the biggest change of my life. Everything was hurting me last year and I couldn’t play. I couldn’t run. I came here for 3 weeks and i’ve been running full speed and I haven’t felt a single twitch in my body. And I’m trying to translate that message to as many young athletes as I can.”
Keith Kirkwood

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