Future GOATA Coaches, 

Please review the following outline and send an email with a short bio, including location and how you plan to use the Certification to Cody Wood Please save Cody’s email address to your contacts to ensure you receive replies.  Include any questions that remain and interest in additional information about the registration process. 

Keep your IABH and HAAD, 


GOATA Coaching Certification Outline 2021

A SlowMotion – Visual Evidence-based Movement Certification designed to identify injury-prone and injury-resistant behavior. Instructors will guide and require prospective coaches to study film in-depth and design routines in order to improve the performance of the client. The routines and protocols are taught with an emphasis on coordinated patterns that carry over to performance. You will be competent in multiple assessments and demonstrate competency in building a routine based on interpreting an assessment. An online course followed by a lab weekend that prepares coaches for an oral and practical exam is required for completion of the certification.


An average of 16 -24 weeks are required to obtain certification. The minimum timeline for certification includes the completion of a 12-week online course followed by a lab weekend to achieve practicing coach status. You will be granted full certification after testing out in an oral and practical exam with a Master Coach. The online course will act as a prerequisite and help you understand the assessments, and routines prior to attending a lab. The Lab weekend will cover group training as well as practical exams with coaches refining their skill sets with the face to face assistance of Master Coaches and Instructors. The Sign Up Sheet for Lab Weekend is posted within the Slack Workspace and Dates/Locations are announced throughout the year.

To Obtain Certification: You will need

  • An iPad or compatible device that allows a coach to review film studies presented online.
  • A Desktop or Laptop for Completing Initial Coursework as well as Continuing Education
    after Certification.
  • To complete the 12-week online course with film and discussion being the primary mode
  • of education. Video conferencing will be available to ensure coaches are competent.
  • To Attend a 3 day Lab weekend in an approved location with a Master Coach and
  • Master Instructor in attendance.
  • To Complete an Oral Exam
  • To Complete a Practical exam
  • To Complete a Case Study and demonstrate an increase in performance using the
    GOATA Movement System


GOATA Movement System

*Upon completion of Lab Weekend – You will be transitioned to an online community using the same app that was used for the online coursework that includes all those who have previously completed the certification process. Continuing education and discussion will be available as long as you remain active in status.

Who is it for?

Professional Organizations, Athletic Coaches and their staff, Healthcare Professionals, Personal Trainers, Return to Sports Specialists, Fieldwork Technicians, Sport Specific Trainers, Agents, Scouts, and Player Development Consultants, Caregivers and Parents are also welcome to register for the course.

Initial Certification – First Year: 

❏ Coaching App
❏ Coaches Pack
❏ 1 Year Membership to GOATA Education Channel
❏ Admission to Lab Weekend
❏ 1 Year Website Recode 225

Renewal Certification – Annual:

❏ GOATA Remote Regiment Building App + Recode225
❏ Membership to Slack Workspace 
❏ GOATA Continuing Education Credits
❏ Location and Recognition
❏ Referrals & Licensing Support

POWERED BY GOATA: Gyms and Facilities 

❏ Staff of 6 -10 Coaches (includes onsite visit)
❏ Staff of 6 Coaches (inside onsite visit)
❏ Staff of 3 Coaches
❏ Renewal: Annual Fee

Benefits for Recode225 & Certification Affiliate/Referrals

❏ Active Referrals to 3-6-12 Month Programs
Referral for Certified Coaches  


Invoice and Instructor Agreement are Issued by after you review this document and request next steps (ie: coaches or facility certification fees). You will receive a private invitation to the workspace and begin the education process. It is chronological and learn as you go format. You can complete the certification process from anywhere in the world. Please direct any further questions to



Certifications for Individuals, Teams and Facilities... POWERED BY GOATA

A Letter from Coach Gil:

“On-ramping for certified Goata coaching status starts with a Professor Coach Cody interview. He does all the initial preview of your bio and discusses the concepts used by Goata coaches and the requirements needed. He can be reached at or cody_goata on IG.  Be prepared  to change your eye and save the worlds joint segment connective tissue while simultaneously creating the super athlete in you and your athletes. Look forward to seeing you at a lab weekend soon.  –Coach Gil

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